Complete Detail
Prices Start At
Coupe $300
Sedan $400
Truck/SUV/ Van $500
Exterior Detail
Prices Start At
Coupe $200
Sedan $250
Truck/SUV/Van $350
Interior Detail
Prices Start At
Coupe $200
Sedan $250
Truck/SUV/Van $350

Clay, Polish, and Wax Exterior

Clean Wheels and Wheel Wells

Dress Tires

Clean all Interior Surfaces and Apply Moisturizers and UV Blockers

Deep Clean Seats and Carpets

Clean Glass Surfaces

Clay, Buff, Polish, and Wax Exterior

Clean Wheels and Wheel Wells

Dress Tires

Clean Glass Surfaces

Deep Clean Interior

Clean Door Jams and Interior Molding

Clean all Interior Surfaces and Apply Moisturizers and UV Blockers

Clean Glass Surfaces


OPTION 1 $100
Option 2 $300
Option 3 $350

Spray all Door Handles Inside and Out

Spray Steering Wheel, Gear Shift and all High-Contact Surfaces

Vacuum Interior

Run Chlorine Dioxide for 15 Minutes

Includes Option 1 PLUS

Includes Option 1 and 2 PLUS

Interior Deep Clean of all Surfaces  including Seats and Carpets

Run Ozone Machine for 45 Minutes


Kills Bacteria and Viruses

Add a 90-day Anti-Microbial to any package for $100

 - Inhibits future growth of bacteria for 90 days


Maintenance Wash
Car $80
Truck/SUV/ Van $100

Wash Exterior

Clean Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells

Vacuum Interior

Apply Moisturizers and UV Blockers to Interior

Clean Glass Surfaces

Enhancement Package
Car $250
Truck/SUV/ Van $300

The main focus of this package is to enhance gloss and to provide paint protection.

This is an entry level polish that will remove light swirling in your vehicles paint.

Paint Correction

Level 1 Paint Correction
Car $350
Truck/SUV/Van $400
Level 2 Paint Correction
Car $500
Truck/SUV/Van $600
Level 3 Paint Correction
Car $600
Truck/SUV/Van $700

This package is for removal of wash marring and swirls in your vehicle's paint.

This package is for more neglected swirled paint from improper wash methods and automatic car washes.

This package consists of multiple stages of buffing in order to remove severe marring and swirling, followed by a stage of polishing. 

This package is aimed toward severely neglected paint finishes.

Specialty Services

Ceramic Coating
Car $800
SUV/Truck $900-$1,000
Mold, Mildew Water Removal
Coupe/Sedan $750
Truck/SUV/Van $850

Three-year GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating

Remove Seats and Carpets

Clean all Interior Surfaces

Disinfect all Interior Surfaces

Thoroughly Clean Carpet and Seats


Run Ozone Machine to Kill all Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria


Prices range from $750 to $1,000 depending on severity 

Pricing may change based on vehicle type, level of work, and condition of the vehicle needed to complete the service.


Owner, Danny Wolfe, and his team of highly qualified technicians have been serving the Metro Birmingham Area for over 25 years!

Come see why we are the best of Alabama.


Interior & Exterior Detailing

Interior Repair

Ceramic Coat

Hail Damage

Door Dings

Minor Dent Repairs

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